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At San Antonio Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic we are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care throughout your pet's life.

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Spaying means the ejection of the uterus and ovaries from the female pet and it is a veterinary procedure. Spay and Neuter require hospitalization just for a short period of time, but it offers a greater health benefit. On the other hand, Neutering is the ejection of testicles of your male pet whether it’s a cat or dog. It brings tremendous change in your dog’s behavior.

  • Spaying and Neutering prevent various infections in the sexual organs of your pet and in the case of male dogs it can help in reducing the chances of testicular cancer.
  • It also helps to fight unnecessary offspring and helps to fight overpopulation in pets.
  • Your spayed or neutered pet is more well behaved than earlier.
  • They will not roam around for to fulfill any kind of urge,
  • It prevents the female pets to go into heat.
  • Along with that it has a plethora of health benefits to your pet.
So , what is barring you from not choosing Spay and neuter for your pet.
Welcome to Saspay, Spay and Neuter Clinic , San Antonio  At Saspay  Spay and Neuter Clinic, San Antonio, we entirely understand that pets are a part and parcel of our family. So we give the best treatment and care for them. We have asset of experienced veterinarians for the needs of your pet. With us you can feel secure. We also assure you of our utmost hygiene, sterility, and cleanliness. We are proud of our high standard and affordable services. Contact us for free evaluation or book a surgery. Our experienced and skilled veterinarians at San Antonio is always there to serve you.

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Dental Cleaning

As we all know dental hygiene is a must for anyone, be it us or our pets. To keep them physically healthy we provide them with proper nutrition , take them out for a walk so that they remain active and agile. We give them a regular bath so as to keep them clean and tidy but what about their dental health . We use toothpaste and other oral hygiene items so as to keep our teeth clean. Similarly, pets do require a regular dental cleaning. Dental hygiene of primal importance for them. If it will not remain healthy then the germs stuck will move to their stomach along with the food. There are several to keep their teeth clean. In fact, we would suggest you start with a proper dental hygiene system for them.

At Saspay clinic you can expect great dental cleaning for your pet. You should be well aware of the fact that lack of dental care leads to the risk of bad breath, gum diseases, painful infections, and in many cases tooth loss. Thus it is essential for you to go for your pet’s regular dental cleanings so as to keep them entirely healthy.
Thus here at our clinic, we provide not only the best but sophisticated dental care to your pet. Please come or consult us today for a free consultation, evaluation, and make an appointment online now!

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Traveling Wellness Clinics

Who doesn’t want the best for their pets? We always look to provide them with the best food, high-quality care, proper grooming, and cute clothes are certain things to start with. But still, we would say yearly proactive care is essential to maintain the proper health and fitness of your pet. Not only dental care but yearly vaccines and deworm them so as to provide them with proper parasite control or Spay and Neutering is going to help them a lot.
We at Saspay Wellness clinic is always there with you or your pet to keep you happy and satisfied with our services. Come and check into any of the wellness clinics so as to assist you high-quality services. We have a  team of highly trained and professional techies who will guide you and can make you aware of our general health system. We have a set of trained and experienced veterinarians. So just come ahead to book your date, you can also email us or can contact overcall. We are always there to support you.

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Saspay Wellness Spay and Neuter Clinic San Antonio , is a family-owned and functioned wellness clinic where you and your pet feel at home. We offer a variety of wellness services along with spay and neuter surgery to our local pet owners. We have experienced doctors having more than ten years of veterinary medicine experience. They are well equipped with the knowledge of conducting surgeries successfully.

We consider your pet as part of our family. It is the place where you can expect the best services, treatment, and care for your pets. Also, we are proud of us to provide you the highest standard of services at very affordable prices.

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