We all love going on vacations. There’s something about packing our bags and traveling to different parts of the country or world that fills us with pleasure. And who wouldn’t want to take their furry companions with them? Pets make a great company, and can make a travel vacation even more fun!

But, with that comes the responsibility of keeping them healthy. Pets are susceptible to a variety of diseases and illnesses, a few of which can be contracted when traveling to a different place with different environmental conditions. If you do decide to take your pet on a trip with you, then you should visit a veterinary clinic to find out if they require any kind of vaccination, based on where you are traveling to.

What are some vaccinations that your pet needs when traveling?

The vaccine that your pet must definitely get before traveling is the rabies vaccine, no matter which part of the world you’re headed to. For most countries, the rabies vaccination must have been administered to your pet at least 30 days prior, but not older than a year. If your pet received their rabies shots over a year before your travel, then they will usually require a booster shot.

Apart from the rabies vaccine, your cat or dog may need some additional immunization depending on where you are traveling to. Here are some foreign countries that you may visit, and the vaccinations your pet will need:

– United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Dogs traveling to the United Arab Emirates usually need to be vaccinated for diseases like Canine Distemper Virus (CDV), Parvo Virus, leptospirosis, and Infectious Canine Hepatitis. Usually, these are given to your pet at least 21 days before applying for your pet’s permit. They, however, cannot be more than a year old.

– The United Kingdom (UK)

Traveling from the United States to Britain places you under the Pet Travel Scheme for approved countries. Your pet’s rabies vaccine can be given just 21 days prior, although it still can’t be over a year old. Pets however require to be treated for tapeworms just before you travel.

– Australia

Australia has quite stringent rules for pets traveling into the country. Your pet has a mandatory 10-day quarantine when entering the country from the US. Both dogs and cats need to have a blood test 180 days before entering the country. They also need to show records of all standard vaccinations.

– Singapore

Singapore too has a quarantine period of 30 days. The good news is that this could be reduced to 10 days if some precautions are taken, such as proving a record of standard vaccinations taken less than a year prior, the blood test for antibodies of rabies, and tick and de-worming measures taken before you travel.

– India

Traveling to India requires proving a vaccination record from distemper, rabies, and leptospirosis, among others.

Before traveling with your pet make sure you read up on vaccination rules and consult a veterinarian before you get your pet vaccinated!