Love your pet dog? Then you will only want the best for your pet!

Are you doing everything required to take care of your dog?

Here’s a checklist that can guide pet owners for doggy care:

1. Vaccinations 

Make sure that you get your pet vaccinated according to a schedule. The vaccinations for dogs start when they are a few weeks old until they are fully grown dogs. Make sure that you visit a veterinary doctor who will recommend the vaccination schedule for your dog.

2. Right Diet

We often over-indulge in our pets and tend to feed them excessively. This is not good for the dog’s health. It is best to seek a veterinarian’s advice regarding the diet regimen of your pet. This is because the number of meals and the food to be given to your dog varies according to the age of the dog. Make sure to check with your vet and feed your dog adequately.

3. Exercise

Just like us humans, dogs need to exercise. It helps them burn calories, keeps them active, stimulates their minds, and keeps them healthy. Besides, physical activity also stimulates blood circulation. Regular exercise keeps dogs away from destructive behavior.

4. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Dogs need to be kept neat for their overall health and well-being. Dogs do not require to be bathed frequently, few times during the year is sufficient. However, what they do require is, frequent brushing their coats to prevent shedding. Brushing also prevents fleas and ticks from settling in the coat. When bathing your dog, make sure that you comb/cut out all mats and rinse all the soap out of the coat.

5. Brushing

Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth once daily to keep them safe from dental diseases. Regular brushing prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar.

6. Licensing

Dogs need a license issued by the government. Make sure to get your pet licensed. Also, attach the license and ID tag to your dog’s collar. This will help trace your pet in case he/she gets lost.

7. Spaying and Neutering

Spaying of female dogs and neutering of male dogs is recommended by six months of age in most cases. However, the age may vary according to the breed. Visit your vet to check the right age for spaying/neutering your pet.

8. 6-Monthly Vet Visits

To ensure that your pet is in the best of health, make sure to visit the vet once every six months. The vet will carry out certain checks and take care of any health issues. The vet will examine your pet and recommend any dietary or lifestyle changes required.

9. Oral Care

The oral health of a dog is vital to its overall health and well-being. You can take your dog for a six-monthly oral check-up. The vet will examine and address oral health issues.

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