You’re on the hunt for the best rescuing a dog to adopt. Or you are waiting to bring a precious dog home from a breeder. Either way, it’s time to go shopping so that your new dog has everything they needed from day one. Below are the essential dog supplies you will need for a new pet.

  1. Dog Food
    Find out which brand of food your new dog was eating before you adopted them and buy the same kind of food. If you are not able to find out what kind of food your dog has been eating, just buy quality food that fits your dog’s at that life of the stage. For example, if you are getting a newborn puppy you will have to get puppy food. It’s important to keep in mind that a new dog might have some food allergies and may require a different type of food.
  2. Water and Food Bowls
    Dog water and food bowls can be two stainless steel or ceramic bowls. But if you are looking for something more attractive than this, you can definitely find it. Dog stores have everything from filtered bowls to elevated water bowls. You can even personalize your water and food bowls with your dog’s name on them.
  3. Collar And Leash
    Like with water and food bowls, leashes and collars can too be personalized and they come in many varieties. There are leashes with poop bag dispensers, leashes with padded handles, reflective collars, and LED light collars. Look for what works with your dog. Different leashes can serve a different purpose and it is always a smart idea to have an extra leash.
  4. Dog Tags and Microchips
    These might seem like something you can put off and take care of whenever you get around to it, but that is not the case. According to the survey, almost Ten million dogs are lost every year. So, make sure to update your dog’s ID tag every time there is a change in your contact information.
  5. Dog’s First Aid Kit
    You can buy a ready-made First aid kit for your dog or you can even create one by yourself. A good first aid kit should have these items. Gauze pads, Bandages, Adhesive tape, Antiseptic wipes, Antibiotic ointment, Cotton balls, Hydrogen peroxide, Tweezers, and a Digital thermometer.
  6. Dog Bed
    Your dog’s bed is the spot to relax and sleep. It should be comfortable, supportive, and should be spacious to enable them to stretch out. You will go through several beds in your dog’s life and once a dog becomes old the bed should provide enough cushioning for its joints.
  7. Treats and Toys
    Give your precious new dog teats to enjoy and toys to occupy them. The choices are unlimited but always try to focus on treats and toys that serve multiple purposes like health, training, and stimulation. Always keep in mind that overfeeding a dog may lead to obesity which leads to health risks like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer.
  8. Dogs Grooming Brush
    Brushing your dog’s coat daily removes dead hair and keeps the fur from getting tangled. Regular brushing helps lessen the fur and shredless hairs in your home. When you visit a dog store, you will find everything from wire brushes to bristle brushes and even glove brushes, choose a grooming brush according to your dog’s fur coat.