Cats are quite conscious about their appearance. They love to be groomed, and are probably the neatest pets you’ll ever have! They’re neat, tidy, and clean- just what you would want your little one to be. But sometimes they could use your help to keep them looking fresh and sophisticated. How do you that? Well, here are some tips.

  1. Bath Time!

Cats are notoriously famous for hating water. Bath time is strictly avoided by any means necessary. But a full bath isn’t needed to keep your cat clean. Most of them will let you occasionally rub them down with a warm damp cloth, and by doing so you can remove any bits of dirt sticking to your furry feline friend.

  1. Places to Scratch

Scratching helps keep your pet’s nails short and trimmed. It’s also a safety measure for you, in case your cat has a habit of scratching your skin. All you need to do is give your kitty a place to scratch! This could be a small piece of an old carpet. Attach this to a wall of your house (preferably somewhere far away from valuables!) and let your cats have a playful go at it!

  1. Keep That Coat Shining

Don’t you love to fill your fingers with your cat’s smooth fur while petting it? Well, they love when their fur is well-groomed too! Keeping that coat shiny is important to their health as well- it keeps their fur un-matted, and they’ll be less likely to develop skin infections. Buy a grooming comb, and take out those tangles!

  1. Get the Fleas to Flee

Sometimes cats get fleas. Fleas make your cat constantly scratch themselves and gnaw on their skin, which leads to hair loss, bald spots, and sometimes even infections. You can protect your pet against fleas by using a flea comb to comb through their fur.

  1. Brush it Out

Using combs on your cat’s coat is a great way to keep their fur tangle-free, pest-free, and above all- healthy! But why stop there? Add a brushing routine to your pet’s grooming regimen to give their fur a glorious glow.

  1. Over-grooming

The grooming that you do for your cat is an extra measure. Cats are actually great at grooming themselves! However, sometimes they can start over-grooming, which can lead to several health issues. Over-grooming is to cats, what obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is like for humans. It is usually stress-related or can be triggered by some change to your cat’s environment. If you notice bald spots appearing on your cat, it is usually a sign that they are over-grooming. Call your vet as soon as you notice this sign- they will be able to help you figure out whether it is over-grooming or some other condition. (Some other conditions such as thyroid issues, ringworm, allergies can harm your cat fatally if not treated properly, so don’t hesitate to call your vet!