Cats are quiet and easy pets to manage. They require less of your time compared to a dog because they do not need to be taken out for walks, etc.

Managing a cat at home is quite different from how you take care of a pet dog. Your pet cat will not trouble you if it is healthy. Sometimes your cat may behave differently and you may not realize the reason behind this behavior.

If you keep your cat’s vaccinations up-to-date and get it checked up by a vet regularly, it will usually not have too many health issues. But despite this, there is still a chance that your cat could catch some infection or eat something not suitable, etc. and fall sick.

Here are some signs that tell you that all is not fine with your furry friend:

Odd Behavior

Cats are usually quite tolerant to a lot of things and remain calm. So, if you notice your cat showing odd behavior like howling, crying, or hiding, etc., you should not ignore it. These are signs that there is something wrong and your cat needs medical attention.

In case your cat is dull or does not show any interest in the activities it normally enjoys or sleeps in strange areas, you need to consult a vet to find out what is wrong.

Litter-box Behavior

Urinary problems can be quite dangerous for cats. If you notice your cat urinating outside the litter box or find that it is struggling to pass urine, or passing very little urine, it is time you visited a vet. It could be a problem that can be treated with medication or your cat might require spaying or neutering. Your vet is the best person to recommend the best treatment.

Changes in Eating Habits

As a pet owner, you have a fair idea of how much your cat eats. If you notice that it is eating more or less than its usual appetite, there is something wrong.

Also, if your cat is eating and drinking normally but is vomiting frequently, don’t take it lightly. You will need to consult a vet.

Breathing Changes

Respiratory disorders in your cat could result because of tumors, parasites, or some serious respiratory disease. So, watch out for signs such as:

Respiratory infections also cause symptoms like discharge from the nose or eyes coupled with sneezing/panting, etc.

If your cat shows any such symptom, it needs a visit to the vet.

These are some common red flags that indicate that your cat needs a vet. Besides these, if you notice anything different about your cat, it is best to consult an experienced vet.

Many pet owners try to avoid taking their cats to vets because cats are not very cooperative when you have to take them on a drive especially if they are sick. However, a visit to the vet should not be avoided at any cost if your cat has any symptoms of sickness.