Did you know that a cat is called a “mysterious” pet companion? 

And, for good reason! Cats are known for unpredictable behaviors. They are curious creatures and each cat differs in its behavior pattern. Cats have a set of desirable and undesirable behaviors that is unique to them. Therefore it becomes extremely difficult to understand normal and abnormal behavior in cats.

Usually, pet parents are advised to watch out for abnormal behavior in their pets. Abnormal behavior is easier to identify in dogs but much harder in cats.

Here’s a guide to understanding normal and abnormal behaviors in cats:

Since the behavior pattern is different for each cat, it is recommended that you observe your cat and identify what is normal for your cat.

Some common behaviors for cats are:

Besides these, cats make different types of noises like hissing, meows, spitting, yowling, and more. Some cats are noisier than others.

Here are some abnormal behaviors in cats that may indicate an underlying problem and should not be taken lightly:

These are some of the normal and abnormal behavior patterns in cats. Consult the expert vets at San Antonio Spay and Neuter Clinic to understand the behavior of your cat better!