A pet owner would have wondered what kind of people foods you can share with the dog. We have heard about the problems caused by certain foods such as chocolate and want to make sure we don’t harm their health.

Below are the Safe Snacks That Your Pup Will Enjoy:


Apples are full of fiber and crunchy sweetness, apples can be a great treat for your pets. Make sure you never feed them apples with the core. As the seeds are toxic to dogs. Let your pup enjoy the slice of apple and there will be a substantial relationship built.


Cheese is the favorite treat among trainers and show handlers, as cheese is a delicious treat that your pup will surely enjoy. If you love the cheesy snacks give them a piece or two and they will be more than happy.

Green Beans

The crunchy green fiber-filled beans are the most amazing snack for your dog. These are low-calorie treats that can be of great choice for overweight pets as they are filling and are full of nutrients they need. Make sure you do not feed them cooked beans as they have been salted or seasoned. Raw beans are best.

Sweet Potatoes

The root veggies are the best treats for your dog. They are full of vitamins and nutrients essential for your dog’s health. Consider learning how to make a healthy sweet potato at home. It’s a fun way to ensure the pet gets tasty treats.


Not only eggs are great to treat for dogs, but they are also filled with nutrients. You can even use eggs as a treat by mixing them into the food for an added nutritional boost. Eggs are full of protein and calcium, and easy to digest, are great treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs as well.


Whether it is canned or fresh, the pumpkin is full of great nutrition and is the best snack for your dog. It is good for their digestive system and it digests well even in the pets that have stomach sensitivities. Make sure you do not give them pumpkin pie, as it is not the same as a piece of raw pumpkin.


Apart from raisins and grapes, most fruits are amazing treats for your dog. On a hot summer day, you can even make some dog-friendly frozen fruit pops for your pet to cool down and get a boost of nutrients.

When it comes to human foods that you can share with your dog, this list is just the basics. These are the tried and tested foods that many pet owners have great results. Even though, there is still a chance of a food sensitivity that could pose an issue based on the dog’s breed. If you would like to schedule an appointment for more details related to the food and wellness of your dog, call us now and we will be glad to help in every possible way!