When you wouldn’t disregard your health checkups, then so why should your pet? Routine vet visits are the best way to monitor your pet’s health. A routine pet checkup can help maintain your pet’s overall health and monitor its diet, exercise, and supplementation.

We all believe that the pet is like a family member. When something goes wrong, you can trust the team of vets who will diagnose the problem and make treatment recommendations, not just prescriptions for antibiotics or expensive surgery.

Our team will be acquainted with the pet and they will able to provide you with customized advice as well as treatment recommendations based on the pet’s medical history and look for any ongoing health concerns.

Dogs and cats should be given all the necessary vaccinations as soon as possible and must follow their initial vaccination. Our clinic will make sure to provide affordable immunizations and other preventive services.

If your pet is at risk due to the environment in which he or she spends the majority of his or her time such as a backyard dog that loves to spend part of the day outside, hence heartworm testing is also recommended.

During the pet’s routine visit, the vet will ensure your pet is within a healthy range. The vet will also discuss your pet’s diet and lifestyle. Routine exercise as well as weight management and can help in preventing certain health conditions, like heart disease and cancer.

Nowadays disease such as diabetes is becoming quite common in pets. The disorder is most common among obese cats, male cats over eight years old, and pets on a diet high in carbohydrates. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder that results when cells develop a resistance to insulin, a hormone that aids the entry of glucose into cells. This cause a build-up of glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Another disease is asthma which is very similar to asthma in humans, which is a chronic inflammation of the airways in the lungs. It is assumed that asthma attacks in pets can be brought on as part of an allergic reaction. When the pet breathes in allergens, this triggers an immune response causing inflammation and results in the irritation, swelling, production, and constriction of mucus or fluid within the airways. This severe reaction, known as an asthma attack, can be suffocating making it difficult for pets to breathe. That’s why proper exercise and diet check is a must.

The important component of everyday pet care is prevention. Even if, your pet is healthy, then also you should keep an eye out for health issues so that they can be addressed promptly.

A routine vet visit is an important part of keeping the pet healthy and happy. Proper health maintenance will enable you to spend more time caring for the pet, and there are several options for determining how frequently one should bring them in for an examination.

For more detail on the importance of routine vet visits, call us today and book an appointment.