The importance of vaccinations to the overall health, happiness, calmness and longevity of your cat cannot be ignored. Cat vaccines have scientifically proven to fight the incubation and transmission of fatal feline diseases. Our staff is dedicated enough to educate you about the importance of vaccination for your cat. They will also guide you on what vaccinations are important and how to go ahead with them.

It is also important to note that our vets don’t follow a single formula for every kind of pet. They have their system, their own protocols to deal with different pets depends upon their need and requirement. Low-cost cat vaccination depends upon the age, overall health, and lifestyle that your cat follows. Thus to avail of low-cost vaccination visit our clinic, meet our vets who will schedule the best plan for you.

Our veterinarian we have years of experience about cats vaccination, thus we receive a lot of query regarding it. You are free to contact us and to get the vaccination as soon as possible.

Various Cat Vaccines



Feline Leukemia

What are the various Cat Vaccination Schedules?

Cat vaccinations are dependent upon several factors. It may be like pre-existing medical conditions and indoor or outdoor living situations that your cat involve in. You can consult these factors with our vets so as to determine what your cat vaccine schedule should be. We have also listed an approximate cat vaccine which you can go with so as to get your cat vaccinated with low-cost vaccination.

Are There Any Side Effects of Cat vaccination?

Most of the time cats show no side effects after receiving a vaccination but sometimes cats show some kind of side reaction that is minor, short-lived, and can be easily cured. If you still want to know about some of the side effects then they are here:


Severe lethargy

Loss of appetite



Swelling and redness at or around the injection site



In case you suspect any serious side effect you can contact we are always there to help you to determine whether any special care is needed or any other treatment .

When Should I Low Cat Vaccinations?

One should schedule low cat vaccinations as soon as at the age, your new kitten should be seen by a veterinarian. It is important to get a preventive health measure or some strategic care plan for your cat which includes vaccinations, deworming, and flea control as well. An adult low-cost cat vaccination scheduled to be scheduled for one year after the kitten vaccination. It also includes periodic booster immunizations.


Thus plan a visit to our clinic to get all your questions answered. We will also discuss the preventive measures for the benefit of your cat.

Low-cost vaccination is one of the most important responsibilities that you have as the owner of a cat. Plan it strategically, understand the system for your pet to get vaccinated and booster doses as well. You can contact our veterinarians or can call us for low-cost cat vaccinations anytime.