If you love your pet wearing the costume of tiny princesses or the superheroes at the front door, then Halloween is certainly as much fun for your furry friend as it is for their pet parents. But the spooky time of year isn’t without its risks, but, even for those pets who enjoy all the festivities. Below are some Halloween pet safety tips to keep your furry pal safe and comfortable this year.

Treat Talk
Humans are not the only ones with a sweet tooth, pets too find candy, cookies, and other treats just as overwhelming as us. Most pet owners already know that chocolate is bad for dogs’ health, but there are also other potential dangers hiding inside the child’s trick-or-treat bags. These include Xylitol which is an artificial sweetener and is extremely toxic to dogs, raisins, and even macadamia nuts. To ensure pet safety, store all treats and candy out of the reach of your furry friend.

Pet Wild Animals Dresses Lions, Tigers?
There is no doubt that a cat dressed up as a fairy or a pug in a hamburger costume looks amazing, but sometime the pets might not feel the same way. Some pets don’t mind being the center of attention while some may feel uncomfortable and that can be seen by their body language with their tail tucked, ears back, chewing/scratching at the costume. For these pets, it is recommended to opt for a simple Halloween bandana or orange collar on the behalf of a full costume.

If you decide to dress your pet, the pet parent must make sure that the costume is comfortable, does not restrict movement, breathing, hearing, or vision, and doesn’t have any small parts that can be chewed off or pose any type of risk to your pet.

Safe Space
Most pets don’t get surprised when finding a human in costume, but in some cases, the sight of masks and costumes can be a frightful experience. Even if the pet doesn’t mind looking at people dressed up, but it can sometimes be stressful. Hence make the setup for your pet in a quiet, out-of-the-way room on Halloween night. Provide your pet with plenty of water, comfortable bedding, and their favorite toys, and make use of soft music or a fan to suppress the noise of crackers.

Halloween Pet Safety
Strings of decorative lights look pretty during holidays but can pose a risk to curious or teething pets who can chew on or become entangled in the cords. Lit jack-o-lanterns can sometimes pose big trouble if knocked over by an excited pet. Small costume pieces can be dangerous choking hazards and foreign body possibilities for the pets such as spider rings, small costume items, face paints, and general decorations can be dangerous for your pets.

An important part of Halloween pet safety is to bring the pet inside before the dark. Even if your pet is calm or enjoys the activities but still taking good care of your pet should be the highest priority. For more details on pet safety tips, call us today and book an appointment.