At our center rabies vaccine for cats San Antonio TX, we offer rabies vaccine for cats. Rabies is a very dangerous disease. It is a viral disease that can affect all warm blooded animals. It can harm not only animals but humans as well. It is a deadly virus which can spread from the saliva of infected animals or insects to people. It generally spreads from the animal bite especially from the stray dogs. It is treatable by medical professionals and requires a medical diagnosis and for this, emergency care is required. A proper vaccine at the right time can save your pet from this serious disease and make your pet disease free healthy and fit. Our veterinarians are the best in treating your pet for this disease. Rabies in cats is not frequently seen, it is rare.

Rabies vaccine for cats San Antonio TX help you know symptoms of Rabies. It’s symptoms can be many and can take months to develop. The major sign of rabies in cats is change in its behavior which includes lethargy, laziness and restlessness. There are other symptoms as well like paralysis, loss of appetite, weakness and sometimes sudden death. This is quite often seen that a cat suffering from rabies does not eat, drink water and have an unsteady gait. This virus enters from the infected saliva to the wound and through nerves travels to the spinal cord and brain.

If you find that your cat is suffering from the same symptoms, do visit rabies vaccine for cats San Antonio TX. We assure you to give relief to your pet. At our center cat injections San Antonio TX, we give injections to cats. Cat vaccination helps to save the pet from major infectious diseases. In this way they don’t pass on these diseases to the other pets as well as humans. A right step in the right direction can save pets from severe diseases.

For vaccinating the pet cat injections San Antonio TX provides the best vaccination to the pets. Cats are most commonly vaccinated against cat flu, feline infectious enteritis and Feline leukemia virus. If a cat is not vaccinated at a right time and it comes in direct contact with wild animals then that cat is put in isolation for 6 months. For proper vaccination the cat ageing 1 year needs flu and enteritis boosters after every three years. Kittens need to be given 2 injections for a few weeks and a booster 1 year later. Our skilled veterinarians educate the pet parents regarding the importance of vaccination for your pet and how that is to be scheduled.

Our doctors at cat injections clinic San Antonio TX don’t follow the protocol ‘one size fits all’. They provide the necessary injections to the pet according to their immunity. The cats which roam outside are to be given more immunity boosters as compared to the one who are indoors. They look at the age, outdoor activities of the cat and then vaccinate them accordingly.

Kitten vaccinations San Antonio TX understands the importance of vaccination for your kitten. During the first few weeks they don’t need vaccination as they are born with a natural immunity. The kitten vaccination should start when the kitten is 8 weeks old and later there are 3-4 follow ups after two weeks. The immunizations start at 6-8 weeks of age and are repeated every 3-4 weeks until the kitten is 4 months old. Proper vaccinations can protect the kitten from common diseases like feline distemper, feline herpes virus 1,feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and rabies.

Kitten vaccinations San Antonio TX know that being a pet parent you would always want the best start in life for your kitten by giving it everything which she needs to grow and stay healthy. Vaccines are an important part of kitten’ health schedule. When the kittens are born their immunity is very weak but under the care of their maternal antibodies those antibodies temporarily protect them from illness.

At our center kitten vaccinations San Antonio TX your kittens are vaccinated properly. So schedule a visit at our saspayneuter center and book an appointment for the good health and fitness of your pet and protect it from illness and infection. Our maestros guide you about complete Nutrition, healthy eyesight and high moisture content for your pet. Our doctors guide you that with proper vaccination it is very important to give a proper and healthy diet to the kitten for his well being.