Rabies a virus that can affect the brain and spinal cord of dogs. But it can be preventable for a good reason the word rabies can evoke fear in people. The disease has been reported in every part of the world. Rabies can cause deaths in dogs worldwide. Thus Rabies vaccine for dogs is easily available in San Antonio TX.

One symptom of rabies appears, the disease results in a fatality. Prevent your dog from this deadly disease by getting rabies shots for dogs in San Antonio TX.

How do dogs get rabies?

Since animals who have rabies secrete large amounts of virus in the saliva. The disease passed through a bite from an animal that is infected. It can also be transmitted even by scratch. At times saliva makes contact with mucous in an open, fresh wound of anyone. The risk is even higher if your pet is exposed to stray animals. This may prove dangerous for your pet. Thus consult us for not only pet vaccines but for allergy shots for dogs in San Antonio TX.

Symptoms of Rabies

A dog who’s become infected may show extreme behavior changes. It may be restlessness which may accompany aggression by aggression. Your dog may become irritable. It may happen another way as well as your excited dog may become docile. He may start biting or snapping or attacking other animals. He may also show changes in other ways as well like licking, biting, and chewing at the place where they are bitten. They may also suffer from fever.

An infected dog may become hypersensitive to touch, light, or may not be able to make a sound. They may eat unusual things. They may aloof themselves. They may suffer from paralysis of the throat and jaw. They mat throw foam from the mouth. You may see other symptoms like disorientation, incoordination, and staggering. It may also cause paralysis of the hind legs. Other symptoms of rabies include loss of appetite, weakness, or sudden death.

Thus we ask you do you want your pet to get such diseases and retaliation to it, I can surely say no.No one wants it. Thus what is stopping you to visit us for the Rabies vaccine for dogs in San Antonio TX. Once you visit us you will get comprehensive knowledge about how and when to go for rabies shots for dogs in San Antonio TX. We also provide allergy shots for dogs in San Antonio TX.

Why Rabies Vaccine?

As we know now that rabies is a viral disease and can be fatal. Thus proper vaccination is the best way to keep your dog safe, healthy, and lively.

Though we don’t have any test which can tell your dog is healthy or not but if they are infected you are most welcome for rabies shots in San Antonio TX. Also, we want to say once your dog gets infected it is tough to remove the symptoms, thus consult us before it attacks your pet. Our veterinarians know all the symptoms and protocols to be followed for your dog to get a rabies vaccine. Before it’s too late go for rabies vaccines for dogs in San Antonio TX.

Keeping your pets infected with their rabies vaccines is absolutely wrong for you and others and even the law wants you to keep them away from such diseases. You should know that it should be given at or before 16 weeks. The second shot can be at one year or after one year of the vaccine. After that every year or every three years.

Side Effect:

The side effect of Rabies vaccine sin San Antonio TX is negligible and are as follows:

The rabies shots for dogs in San Antonio TX is extremely effective. It says no vaccine is 100 percent effective, but prevention is always a must.

Talk to our veterinarian

If you have questions or any queries of any specific information you want to gain for rabies vaccines or shots or about rabies allergy in San Antonio TX, do consult us and talk to our veterinarians. Our veterinarians are an expert in this field and are the best source of information for any other kind of vaccine as well. They know the appropriate way to schedule it in the favor of your pet so that he will feel healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Do consult us for Rabies Vaccines.