Microchipping your pet isn’t currently mandatory in the US, but it is a good practice and is highly recommended by vets. Microchipping is a process, which involves a tiny microchip of the size of the grain being placed inside the pet’s body, and it is the most efficient and it contains all the important identification information in the event your pet is lost or stolen.

 The most important reasons for pet microchipping.

-> Permanent Identification
One of the advantages of microchipping your pet is that it is the only method of permanently having identification on them. This is because the microchip is implanted under the skin and there is no risk of a tag falling off or being removed by someone with bad intentions. The microchip itself is tiny – about the size of a grain and is near impossible to remove. As it does not have any working parts, hence it can not break down or require any type of replacement or change of batteries.

-> Easy To Update The personal Information

If are microchipping your pet, it is essential to ensure that the information stored on the microchip is accurate and must be up to date. Thankfully, updating the information is very easy. It is because the personal information is stored on a secure database, rather than on the chip which is in your pet. Instead, it has a unique identifying number that links the pet with your database entry. This means if they are recovered by someone, then the finder can contact the microchip provider to obtain your information or will tell them to contact you depending on the operating procedure of each provider. Updating the records is quite simple as you have to make a simple call to your microchip provider and they will update the information over the call itself.

-> Higher Chances Of Your Pet To Be Returned

The benefit of pet microchipping is that it increases the probability of your adorable pet being safely returned. In fact, many studies show that the chances rate of your pet return is much more for dogs with a microchip than without it. So we recommend microchipping your pet.

Microchip Is A Proof Of Ownership

Pet ownership disputes nowadays are quite common than you think. Many animal breeds look quite alike, and, in most cases, the ownership dispute is a mistaken identity. In many cases, there are also those people who falsely try to claim them as the pet as their own. Since the poor pets can’t talk or express which family is theirs. Hence, the use of microchip makes it quite easier to prove that the pet belongs to you since the chip will be registered with your information.

Microchipping Is Inexpensive And Painless

Microchipping is quite a simple procedure. The microchip is inserted with the help of an injection. It takes a few seconds to place it, and your pet won’t experience any pain. There is no wound of injection and there is no downtime required. Microchipping is inexpensive, thus making it a great long-term investment for the security of your pet.