Ultimate Vaccine Package

Yearly Vaccine and Heartworm Package

Yearly Vaccine Package 1

Basic Vaccine Package

6weeks -- 8weeks - Puppy Pack

8weeks -- 14weeks - Puppy Pack

14weeks – 24weeks - Puppy Pack

Final booster given after Rabies

Rabies 1 year $15

Rabies 3 year $27.50

Ultimate Cat Pack

Year 1 Cat Vaccine Package

Basic Cat Vaccine Package

6weeks -- 8weeks - Kitten Pack

8weeks -- 14weeks - Kitten Pack

14weeks – 24weeks - Kitten Pack

Final booster to be given after Rabies Vaccine

Rabies 1 year $15

Rabies 3 year $27.50

Canine Spay: $150

Canine Neuter: $125

Feline Spay: $125

Feline Neuter: $99

Over 60 lbs: $25 additional

All animals checking into surgery must be free and clear of fleas and ticks. All animals with active parasite infestation will be administered a Capstar flea and tick medication at owner expense

Capstar: $8

All animals must have a valid rabies certificate on file or a rabies will be administered.

Prohart 6

Prohart 12

Interceptor Plus: (6 Months Chews)

Flex 4 (heartworm/tick disease) $38

Yearly Heartworm Test $19


Nail trim

Rattlesnake Vaccine


Selarid for Cats