There has been a lot of debate about whether spaying and neutering a pet cat or dog is beneficial or harmful. Spaying and Neutering are recommended by veterinarians across the globe for both dogs and cats because of the multiple health benefits they offer.

Spaying and Neutering have been recommended because they address many health and behavioral issues in your pets.

Spaying and Neutering are sterilization procedures carried out on female and male pets. For dogs, the right age for this procedure is decided by the vet depending on its breed. As far as cats are concerned, the ideal age for sterilization procedure is before it is 5 months old.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Spaying a female cat between 3-6 months of age eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers, and mammary cancer when she is older. Besides the cat is safe from various types of infections in the uterus and ovaries. Spaying keeps female dogs safe from certain cancers and dangerous uterine infections like pyometra.

You can prevent your female pet from going into heat by getting her spayed. When female cats or dogs go into heat they bleed and urinate excessively. Female cats usually go into a heat cycle when they are 6 months old. Each heat cycle lasts for 6 days and the heat cycle repeats every three weeks. Cats become very demanding and vocal during their heat cycle. Female dogs go into heat twice a year.

Neutering male cats and dogs stops the production of the hormone testosterone. This reduces aggression in these animals. As a result, male dogs and cats are less likely to wander away from home or get into fights with other pets. Besides, neutering male dogs and tomcats prevents testicular cancer and pancreatic cancers. Their life expectancy also increases.

Neutering also addresses other behavioral issues in male dogs like territory marking behavior by spraying urine in the house. It also reduces their tendency to mount on everything they come in contact with.

Many a time pet owners associate the weight gain of their pets with spay and neuter procedures that may have been done on them. However, pets do not gain or lose weight because of sterilization procedures. For a healthy weight, you need to feed your pet the right food and ensure that he/she exercises.

Spaying and neutering help prevent some dreaded diseases in your pets and increases their life expectancy.

As a pet owner what more do you want? By getting your pet spayed or neutered, you will have a healthy and well-behaved pet that lives longer!

However, when you choose a veterinary clinic for getting the sterilization procedure conducted, ensure that the vet is well-experienced in these procedures. Another factor that is very important while getting your pet spayed or neutered is ensuring that it is done in a clean and hygienic setup.

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