You must take care of the dental health of your pet every day. Open the mouth of your puppy and inspect it. Regularly clean their teeth to prevent periodontal diseases. Dental plaque can build up on the enamel of teeth. When food particles get accumulated, plaque becomes thick, and yellow is called tarter. Tarter can be seen on the teeth of your dog when they are two or three years old. If not taken care of, tartar causes red, inflamed, infected, and painful gums. Bad breath, weight loss, yellow teeth, pain while eating, swollen gums, and missing teeth are signs of dental disease that you can look for. Some tips to take care of the dental health of the pet are as follows.

Preventive Care

Start with the basics. Use an antiseptic spray if you see the red or swollen gums of your puppy. Seek advice from your vet before choosing a spray. Feed crunchy food as it will help in keeping their teeth clean. Various canine dental toys and raw meaty bones are available to help keep their teeth clean. Never give them bare-bones as it can damage the teeth.

Final Words

Monitor for any signs of plaque or another dental disease and address these issues to the earliest. Check your dog’s breath, tongue and mouth area, and the meals they have. If you see any symptoms of dental disease, take your pet to the veterinarian.