Vacations are good to escape the busy schedule and unwind. This can be a perfect opportunity for the dog to get time away from their daily routine. Boarding your furry buddy ensures that they receive the same care they deserve when you are out of town. But since you too need to prepare yourself for vacation, you need to prepare the dog for boarding as well. Here are a few tips you can do before you get started:

Vaccinate Them Early
Before boarding the dog, all the reputed boarding facilities will require the dog’s vaccinations to be up-to-date. Kennel cough, distemper, and rabies are the most required vaccinations.

Dog Boarding Test Run
If the furry friend is prone to separation anxiety or particularly nervous, planning a trial boarding stay is a good idea. For instance, you can start with a trial and stay for about 24 hours. This will help your pet gradually adjust to a new routine as well as the environment. This might help your dog to adjust much better when you stay for a longer period.

Crate Training
Your canine friend might have spent a lot of time in a kennel when in the facility. Most of the facilities allow pets to roam freely during the day, but they remain in their kennels at night. Due to this reason, practice crate training to help them adjust to the new environment.

Teach them to hold their bladder, you can do this by leaving them alone for a few extra hours for a week before the boarding day. This makes them less dependent, as they learn how to spend time by themselves.

Shop Around
Dog boarding facilities have different policies for different dog breeds, so make sure to shop around and look for the best. Do not settle for the first facility you look at as some barely let the dogs out of the kennel. Since you know the dog best, opt for one that goes well with your pet’s personality.

Teaching Them To Socialize
Boarding facilities have all kinds of dogs from all walks of life. Hence, before boarding the pup, ensure they are well socialized. Getting along with other pets is essential during your pet’s stay in the facility. Taking them to a dog park is perfect for the upcoming exercise. An antisocial dog can experience anxiety in these boarding facilities and sometimes even become dangerous.

Pack Some Food
Although most facilities have in-house food which is nutritionally balanced, sometimes a sudden diet change can even lead to diarrhea. Prepare the dog apart from their usual diet, though you can introduce a bit of what your pet can expect at the facility. Pack some usual diet for your furry friend’s when you take them to the facility, and include some treats if you have some.

Keeping Short The Goodbye
A lengthy farewell during the drop-off will arouse the dogs with suspicions that something is unusual. A simple pat on the head as if you are going to work is enough before leaving.