Care Tips For Senior Dogs

Care Tips For Senior Dogs

For every one of us, the dog is part of the family and one can go to any extent for their well-being. Just like puppies, senior dogs too need special care. While age can result in difficulty in walking, sore joints, vulnerability to diseases, irritability,  dementia, and other condition, there are a few steps that any […]

Is Your Pet Constantly Scratching?

Pet Scratching

Is your pet keeps on scratching up all night? or licking his feet and scratching his ears continuously. There are many causes of itchy skin in dogs, and sometimes seasonal allergies are one of the main reasons. Just like humans allergies tend to show as watery eyes, itchy, or even sneezing. Similarly, in dogs, allergies […]

4 Pet Obesity Facts Pet Parents Must Know!

4 Pet Obesity Facts Pet Parents Must Know

As pet owners, most of us think of our cats and dogs as family. So, just as the health of any family member is important, pet health is also a priority for pet parents. However, when food and treat waste goes unchecked, it fuels weight gain more than the reward itself. The incidence of obesity […]