Summer Hazards!

Summer Hazards

As Summer approaches and the temperatures tend to increase, we need to make sure that our pets are safe from the possible dangers that arise during the summertime of the year. It is important to be aware of the hazards that you may come across such as rattlesnake bites, fleas, heat stroke, and ticks. As […]

Pet First Aid Tips To Keep Your Pets Healthy

Pet First Aid Tips To Keep Your Pets Healthy

When you own a pet, there are many things one must keep in mind. You not only need to make their environment safe, but also have knowledge of what pets should and should not eat, and keep their best interest. In addition, it is important to know some pet first aid tips, just in case […]

What Pet’s Teeth Cleaning Looks Like?

What Pet’s Teeth Cleaning Looks Like

Most of us are well-versed in what occurs when we go to the dentist for a dental cleaning. Bringing your pet to the vet and sending it off to get its teeth cleaned, on the other hand, might create some anxiety due to the unknown. While there are many parallels between what happens to you […]

Top 5 Tips to Be a Responsible Pet Parent

Top 5 Tips to Be a Responsible Pet Parent

When deciding whether or not to add a pet to the family, you may focus more on the joy and happiness you anticipate from your new pet. While dogs may bring delight and joy, they also come with a set of responsibilities that everyone should be aware of. There is no universally acknowledged definition of […]

4 Tips to Keep your Senior Dog Healthy!

4 Tips to Keep your Senior Dog Healthy

To characterize aging/older dogs, the word “senior” was adopted. The number of times it takes for your dog to be called” elderly” varies, and it’s important to remember that organ system, species, and breed all play a part. Although, in general, a dog’s elderly periods start between the ages of 6 and 13. Pets are […]

Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make!

Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make

We love our pets and will go to any extent to keep them happy. But many a time we may make some mistakes while taking care of them that could impact them badly. You can keep your pet healthy by avoiding them. Here’s a list of common mistakes that pet owners make: Ignore Regular Tick […]

San Antonio Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic

The growing population of stray animals is negatively affecting the balance of our ecosystem. Among the stray animals, dogs dominate the overpopulation scenario. In an attempt to eliminate this socio-environmental issue and to provide dedicated veterinary care, San Antonio Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic has come up with inclusive pet care packages under one roof. […]

Should you Spay or Neuter your Pet?

There has been a lot of debate about whether spaying and neutering a pet cat or dog is beneficial or harmful. Spaying and Neutering are recommended by veterinarians across the globe for both dogs and cats because of the multiple health benefits they offer. Spaying and Neutering have been recommended because they address many health […]