Bringing a new puppy to the family around the holidays is fun and exciting, but a lot of families may not realize the level of work that comes with it. Below, is the list of things to consider if you are thinking of adding a new furry buddy to your family this holiday. 

Find a Local Team!

Look for a local team you trust is very important. A veterinarian will help you take care of your new puppy. A good veterinarian listens to your concerns and helps you discuss important topics.

*Ask for a feeding schedule and a diet plan.

*Vaccination Schedule.

*Age to spay/neuter. Intestinal parasite, heartworm, parasite, flea, and tick prevention.

Choosing The Breed 

Now you have assembled the local team, it’s time to decide what breed of dog you want to bring home. Some dog breeds may be more suited to your lifestyle than others. Are you looking for a small dog or a large dog? Would you prefer getting them from a reputable breeder or love going to a rescue facility? Even if you are looking for a mixed breed, it is still a better idea to know which types of dogs suit the best for your lifestyle! Other factors to keep in mind are:

*Space at your Home/yard

*Apartment or neighborhood with restrictions on the specific breeds

Looking For A Rescue Or Breeder


If you have made up your mind to adopt a puppy from a rescue, it is important to find the right rescue group. It’s a good idea to call ahead of time and see what is their adoption process and requirements needed. 


If you have decided on a purebred puppy, make sure you get one from a responsible, and reputable breeder. Responsible breeders will always

*Disclose the puppy’s medical history

*Be knowledgeable about their breed

*And Have a close relationship with a veterinarian.

Make Everything Ready!

Before bringing your new puppy into your home, make sure the house is safe and accommodating for your new puppy. You will have to arrange for supplies like:

*An appropriate size kennel

*Food & Water bowls

*Puppy toothbrush & toothpaste will help to prevent your dogs’ teeth from tartar and plaque buildup!

*Puppy food: It is very important to get a correct diet according to age and for the proper growth of puppies

*Toys & Chews: See our blog post on Tips For Choosing Safe Dog Toys and Some Toys That Must Be Avoided!*An appropriate size collar with an identification tag

*And Grooming items.

You will have to schedule a vet visit for your new pup! All new puppies must visit a veterinarian within the first few days after coming home to make sure they are healthy, free from parasites, and up-to-date on vaccines as well as prevention. 

Raising and caring for a new puppy is not an easy task, but with time, and a whole lot of patience, you will have a new member for life! Do call us to schedule an appointment.