As the fall season has arrived, and the holiday season is just around the corner. Many people begin decorations for Halloween and plan out for that night. Though Halloween can be a lot of fun, it can be very stressful also for our furry friends. Keep your pets safe and avoid a stressful October by following the Halloween pet-friendly tips:

Take your time to allow your pet to wear the costume before the big night and let it become adjusted. If the pet seems distressed, consider letting him go without one.

Put away the candy. Do not feed your pet Halloween candy or Chocolates. The Properties within the cacao seeds that are used in chocolate are often toxic to pets. When ingested a pet can experience diarrhea, heavy panting, rapid heart rate, extreme thirst, seizures, and in the worst case even death. Dark chocolates are more toxic than milk chocolate or white chocolate, but all forms of chocolate pose dangers to pets.

Xylitol is a sweetener that is often used in gum and candy, as well as in baked goods. It can also be found in sugar-free products. Xylitol, if ingested by pets can cause rapid insulin release leading to liver failure or rapid drops in blood sugar levels. Hence it is recommended to place it in a safe location.

The most social pets can sometimes become fearful and agitated during a stressful night. Reduce stress by shifting your pet to a safe and secure area where he will be comfortable. Keep pets indoors, if possible. As sometimes the vicious pranksters are known to tease, steal, harass, injure, and even kill animals during Halloween. Protect your pet by keeping them safely indoors.

Always make sure that your pets have proper IDs. If the pet escapes into the night, then it is very important to have proper identification to increase the chance that the pet will be returned to you. Putting the collars and tags with your contact information will be of good help if your pet is picked up. The Microchips on the pets should have up-to-date information, that will offer your pet as a permanent form of identification in case his collar or tag gets removed.

For more information on pet safety during this fall season. Contact us today and book an appointment.